About me

Marciano Lie A Young

Trainer & Coach, Business Support Specialist, Global Active Citizen


Family name: Lie A Young
First names: Marciano Sandjai
Date of birth: July 11th, 1978
Nationality: Surinamese
Email mailme@marcianolieayoung.com
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/marcianolieayoung


Key qualifications:

  • Training, Consulting & Coaching; conducted trainings, keynotes and presentations on conferences and congresses in various countries. Training experience includes training in rural areas. Training topics include: Leadership, business start-up, corporate social responsibility, Stress Management, Personal Balance, Teambuilding etc.
    • Experienced in facilitating groups up to 500 people.
    • Also experienced in designing training content based on adult learning techniques.
    • Training engagements in more than 20 countries worldwide
    • Proven skills for training (young) adults and youth
    • Coach for PBSC coaching
  • Human resource development; setting up HR structure
  • Project management; chaired various big projects, conducted various project management seminars, experienced project manager for various clients
  • Business start-up consulting; Business trainer and  Advisor at IntEnt Suriname
  • Interim management: experience as Interim manager / interim director for companies in start-up phase, during mergers etc.
  • Business Matchmaking; experience as international buyer and business matchmaker, visiting tradeshows and exhibitions in various countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • Public Relations; experience in setting up press events, organizing product / business launches and writing ads and articles for newspapers and magazines.
  • Global networking; skilled and experienced in working in multi-cultural environments in various countries and in different levels of society.


Graduate from the 2008 American Leadership Academy
Graduate from the 24th Japan Leadership Academy (2011)
2006 JCI Suriname Most Outstanding National trainer